WinGreen Marketing Systems Announces New Marketing and Lead Generation Services

New Inbound Marketing, Consulting, and Marketing Automation Added to Content Marketing Services


DOWNINGTOWN, PA, October 24, 2013 – WinGreen Marketing Systems, a provider of online lead generation and content marketing services announced a comprehensive suite of new marketing services today. The agency has added inbound marketing, marketing consulting and staff augmentation, and marketing automation products and services to its award-winning set of content marketing and email marketing services.  The new marketing and lead generation services are available immediately.

Along with the introduction of their new services, WinGreen also introduced its new tagline, “A Smarter Way to Generate Sales Leads™”.

WinGreen has been a leading provider of turnkey content marketing services since its founding in 2009. The company has delivered successful lead generation programs to technology companies of all sizes across the entire United States. WinGreen’s typical clients have seen their inbound leads triple in volume, with higher conversion rates, at less than half the cost of in-house or legacy marketing methods.

The new services significantly add to WinGreen’s capabilities in providing comprehensive, effective, online marketing and lead generation for its clients. Inbound marketing is a natural complement to outbound email marketing and helps build long-term prospecting success and client engagement. The new consulting services provide clients with a full range of marketing expertise for formulating or modifying marketing strategies, managing product and service mixes, or identifying new markets to enter and old markets to exit. WinGreen is also a consulting partner, service provider and authorized reseller of leading marketing automation cloud software products, including Predictive Response and Ringlead, and is a referral partner and service provider for The firm is also a member of the Google Engage for Agencies program, which allows WinGreen to provide setup, administration, and optimization of Google AdWords for its clients as a key component of its inbound marketing services.

“Marketing has changed dramatically over the past decade and it’s our job to stay at the forefront of new marketing techniques and technologies that benefit our clients,” said Tom Walklett, CEO and managing partner at WinGreen Marketing Systems. “Our new services are a natural evolution for us, as they perfectly complement the content marketing services that have served our clients so well since our founding.”

“WinGreen’s new, comprehensive set of marketing services provides technology companies everything they need for effective lead generation and brand building,” said Don Montgomery, CMO and managing partner at WinGreen Marketing Systems. “Whether our clients choose our turnkey, outsourced services or custom tailored a la carte services, we’re in a great position to provide precisely the right marketing mix to help them succeed at growing their sales and profits.”

“As a client of WinGreen, we’re excited to hear about the company’s expanding capabilities and service offerings,” remarked Jeff Vail, CMO at Quintiq Inc. “WinGreen has been a reliable and dependable provider of lead generation, content creation, and social media promotion for us, and I’m confident that they will extend their success into their new services as well.”

For more information on WinGreen Marketing Systems’ services, visit or call (650) LEAD GEN (650-532-3436).

About WinGreen Marketing Systems

WinGreen is a full service content marketing agency providing content marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, marketing consulting, and marketing automation software and services to technology companies of all sizes across the United States. The company is the creator of the WinGreen System of Marketing™, a fully integrated, comprehensive set of marketing services including extensive content development, marketing automation systems, and highly refined processes and methods. The company’s clients can enjoy the benefits of turnkey services that deliver everything needed to operate a “lead generation machine” or they can custom-tailor a marketing mix of WinGreen’s services to augment internal marketing capabilities. WinGreen’s unique mix of content creation, inbound marketing, and email marketing is a smarter way to generate sales leads.

WinGreen is a technology partner of®, Microsoft®, Predictive Response and Ringlead Inc., and is a member of the Google Engage for Agencies program. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Downingtown, Pennsylvania


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