There are two key concepts within this section. The first is repetition. The second is consistency. Since they go hand in hand, we’ve made them a single “key rule”.

Like almost everything in marketing, lead nurturing relies on repetition for its multiplying effect on success. Once a new lead is acquired and it is determined that he or she is interested but just not now, lead nurturing should begin immediately. As weekly or bi-weekly drip emails begin to be sent, the prospect may or may not be reading them or taking advantage of the useful information they contain. But over time, as the “conversation” grows, and as the prospect comes to expect the weekly email, and as trust builds that these emails are useful rather than pushy, prospects open more of them and respond more often.

The second twin in this final rule is consistency. It is imperative that lead nurturing, like its big brother, lead generation, be executed consistently. What we mean by “consistently” is the ruthless, disciplined adherence to the program. Too many organizations start out creating fresh new content for items like drip emails, newsletters, articles, etc. without fail, but eventually the effort trails off. The monthly newsletter becomes the “every 6 weeks” newsletter, and eventually the “do we still do a newsletter?” newsletter. The inventory of drip emails around key topics often suffers the same fate. Creating content for drip email must take place regularly, and ahead of the demand for it.Top Ten Tips of Online Lead Generation Delivering weekly or bi-weekly drip emails to your interested leads must be done on a predictable, reliable schedule. Missing a week, or even slipping from the usual Tuesday to a Wednesday can damage the relationship you’re trying to create with your prospect. Repetition of friendly, non-salesy, informative, very bite-sized content delivered to the inbox breeds confidence, trust, and occasionally even anticipation on the part of your prospect. In turn, when he or she makes the transition from “searching for potential solutions” to “evaluating” or even “decision-making”, the probability of your company and your products being at the top of the prospect’s mind is dramatically increased.

We cannot emphasize this enough. Create the schedule for nurturing and drip emailing and stick to it.

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