Top Ten Content Marketing Killers

How to Survive and Thrive by Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

Top Ten Content Marketing KillersThank you for your interest in our complimentary e-book, Top Ten Content Marketing Killers: How to Survive and Thrive by Outsourcing Your Content Marketing. Content marketing has proven to provide great benefits, but there are a lot of moving parts and expertise required to be successful.

This 16 page e-book, sponsored by WinGreen Marketing Systems, provides in-depth details about how content marketing works, its undeniable benefits, and ten killer reasons you should be seriously considering outsourcing your content marketing.

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Did you know that by outsourcing content marketing to focus on lead generation you can:

  • dramatically improve your sales results,
  • triple your sales pipeline,
  • reduce the cost per lead by 75%,
  • get instant, measurable results of campaigns,
  • and deliver leads to the sales team in real-time?

Request your copy of this e-book and you will learn:

  • The required components of content marketing
  • How to decide what to outsource
  • Financial justification
  • What to look for in a provider
  • plus, the top ten killer reasons you should outsource your content marketing

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