Siemens Enterprise Communications

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Siemens Enterprise Communications Success Story

Siemens Enterprise Communications is a market leader in many of the segments they target. The company is the number one telecommunications-centric managed services provider in the world, and is growing strongly in APAC and North America. However, maintaining leadership in those market segments consumes most of the company’s executive focus and available marketing man-hours, leaving fewer marketing resources and time to enter and grow new markets.

TeleCommunication Systems

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TeleCommunication Systems Success Story

The FCC mandated the Commercial Mobile Alert System (CMAS) to be implemented by mobile phone carriers by April, 2012. TCS needed to quickly and effectively reach buyers and influencers at mobile carriers before that date to generate sales prospects. However, like most companies, TCS found it impossible for internal resources to generate enough new content and execute campaigns in time to meet their lead generation objectives.