WinPlan 3-6-12™

As the old saying goes, “If you don’t define specific dates, then your plan is just a wish list and it will never happen”. WinPlan 3-6-12™ is the content marketing planning method and campaign organizer based on our years of marketing management and the lessons we’ve learned. All of the best practices, tips, techniques, and yes, mistakes we’ve seen along the way are distilled into the WinPlan 3-6-12™. We know how to schedule campaigns and activities that will maximize results, and since this is all we do, you can rest assured we execute your campaigns on time, on budget, every time.

WinPlan 3-6-12™ Components

WinGreen Client Account Manager

Your WinGreen Client Account Manager is defines the content marketing plan by setting the “3-6-12” schedule – an interactive, online calendar showing three, six, and twelve month planning horizons. The Client Account Manager is responsible for working with the client to conceive and execute regularly scheduled online campaigns to deliver new business leads.  WinGreen account managers are experienced marketing and sales professionals who are trained and proficient in content marketing methods and the WinGreen System of Marketing™.

Plan Details

  • “The Perfect Prospect” definition
    • Target Market Segmentation (industries, geographic, annual revenue and/or number of employees)
    • Buyer Personas (job function/role)
  • Content Marketing Plan
    • Type (white papers, e-books, blogs, articles, social media, Etc.)
    • Theme (economic, technical, line of business, or strategic)
    • Frequency Plan
    • Key Dates
    • Resources
    • Dependencies / Relationship
  • Project Plan / Critical Path