WinGreen System Architecture™

What’s a great system without great technologies? Simply put, WinGreen has chosen the best marketing automation technologies and CRM software vendors in the world to integrate into the WinGreen Systems Architecture™. You benefit from the integration work we’ve done because you don’t have to go through the painstaking process of evaluating, purchasing, integrating, and administering sophisticated software. Just plug-in to our commercial-grade, cloud software architecture and enjoy pre-integrated marketing automation, outbound email, database de-duplication, and inbound marketing management.  Or, if you’re looking for more effective and budget-friendly solutions to your marketing challenges, have us run your marketing campaigns and inbound programs for you.

WinGreen System Architecture™ Components CRM system is the world’s number one cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) system. It is at the heart of WinGreen’s technology infrastructure. It’s where your sales team will develop and manage all the new opportunities flowing into your organization. It’s where the management team can view the success of marketing and sales processes in context sensitive dashboards and reports to easily analyze key performance indicators in real-time.

Marketing Automation Software for Email Marketing

WinGreen utilizes numerous software vendors for marketing automation and outbound marketing activities. Depending on specific needs of the clients, WinGreen will utilize Pardot, Marketo, or Predictive Response.

Data Quality and Management

Data quality and management is an essential component of successful content marketing programs. Setting up preemptive strategies and technologies for eliminating duplicate data in the database is at the forefront of WinGreen’s data quality initiatives. Ringlead is a central player in WinGreen’s technology architecture to help support these initiatives.