A good system shortens the road to the goal. - Orison Swett Marden

WinGreen System of Marketing™

The WinGreen System of Marketing™ is WinGreen’s fully integrated, comprehensive set of marketing services including extensive content development, marketing automation systems, and highly refined processes and methods. WinGreen was founded upon the principle that marketing is a science rather than an art. The WinGreen System of Marketing represents the fundamental recognition that effective marketing must be managed as a system, with inputs, actions, measurements, and outputs. Based upon decades of marketing and sales experience and years of refining, The WinGreen System of Marketing represents the most fully formed, mature, and proven system of marketing and lead generation in use by any marketing agency today.

A system is defined as

1. a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole.

2. a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method.

In the WinGreen System of Marketing, the entire system connects the parts, the principles, and the procedures and methods in a wholly integrated, harmoniously functioning “marketing machine” that delivers reliable, predictable, measurable results.

The five major components of the WinGreen System of Marketing are content creation, lead generation campaigns, lead capture, and sales enablement, all managed by a planning and organizing method known as WinPlan 3-6-12™.

The WinGreen System of Marketing

The WinGreen System of Marketing™

WinGreen utilizes the WinGreen System of Marketing for content marketing, inbound marketing, and email marketing. The system is adaptable to all types of lead generation and consistently delivers more leads, better quality leads, and lower cost leads for WinGreen’s clients.  When applied to a comprehensive mix of content marketing, inbound marketing, and email marketing, the WinGreen System of Marketing delivers everything necessary to effectively generate and deliver quality sales-ready leads.

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The WinGreen System of Marketing Components

Content Creation

The WinGreen System of Marketing leverages content marketing capabilities to dramatically improve awareness of your brand and products, encourage people interested in your products to self-identify themselves to you, and significantly improve the lead-to-close process for your sales people.  One of the key components of the WinGreen System of Marketing is the creation of  marketing content.  WinGreen manages planning, creation, and development of content for marketing assets, and leverages the assets in both inbound and email marketing campaigns to generate new leads. Below are some of the types of content WinGreen creates.

  • White Papers – White papers are typically 2500 to 6000 words and are written on topics that are intended to cause a target individual to “self-identify” by voluntarily registering to receive the paper.
  • Blog posts – Blog posts may vary greatly in length, from 50 to 500 words, and are written to be published on your own blog(s) for the purpose of attracting search engine traffic and building a community of informed readers who may be interested in topics related to your products.
  • Webinars – WinGreen produces webinars on topics relevant to your target segments. Webinars are informative and educational, and may also include more pointed and direct sales messages within them. Webcasts may be broadcast live then re-broadcast as recordings.
  • PPC Ads – WinGreen creates pay-per-click ads for effective use in Google AdWords or other advertising media.
  • Other content creation available from WinGreen:
Articles Business Case Papers
Case Studies E-books
Infographics Landing Pages
Mini On-Demand Webinars Podcasts
Press Releases Sales Battle Cards
Sales Presentations Social Media Posts
Tweets Video

Lead Generation

Once the content has been created and published, WinGreen employs multiple methods to attract and identify interested leads with appropriate content media. WinGreen utilizes email marketing to push and promote content like white papers and e-books to a target email database created and managed by WinGreen. WinGreen also optimizes blog posts and other web pages to be found by search engines and manages inbound marketing tools and methods to draw a steady and growing stream of leads to your website. WinGreen also utilizes PPC advertising and other online media to reach potential prospects and attract them to your content and products.

Inbound Marketing

Some of the most important inbound marketing tools to attract the right users to your site are:

  • Blogging – Inbound marketing starts with blogging. A blog is an excellent way to attract new visitors to your website. In order to get found by the right prospective customers, you must create educational content that speaks to them and answers their questions.
  • Social Media – You must share remarkable content and valuable information on the social web, engage with your prospects, and put a human face on your brand. Interact on the networks where your ideal buyers spend their time.
  • Keywords – Your customers begin their buying process online, usually by using a search engine to find something they have questions about. So you need to make sure you’re appearing prominently when they search. To get there, you need to carefully, analytically pick keywords, optimize your pages, create content, and build links around the terms your ideal prospects are searching for.
  • Web Pages – You must optimize your website to appeal to and speak with your ideal prospects. Transform your website into a beacon of helpful content to entice the right prospects to visit your pages.

Email Marketing

Some of the most important email marketing tools to attract the right users to your site are:

  • Target Databases – Email marketing starts with a database full of your “perfect prospects”. WinGreen builds your target email database, manages and administers the database for quality, de-duplication, and opt-outs, and uses it for outbound email marketing. Target email databases are built to precisely match the demographics of the buyers you want to reach. Typical attributes for database creation include geography, vertical industry, company size, and title or role. In some cases WinGreen can also sort by demographic attributes like information technology standards (e.g. “Salesforce CRM in use” or “Cisco internetworking installation”).
  • HTML Emails – WinGreen authors and lays out HTML and plain text emails to promote your content offer to your “perfect prospects”. Emailers are tested for spam filter scores, deliverability, and CAN-SPAM compliance.
  • Mass Emails – WinGreen utilizes the commercial grade mass email platform within the WinGreen System Architecture to blast email campaigns to the targets. A typical email campaign includes two or three waves of email delivery to each recipient. Those who open the first email will not receive subsequent waves. Those who do not open the first email will receive a second one with a different subject line a few days after the first wave. This multi-wave technique is just one of many of WinGreen’s “tricks of the trade” that yields maximum results.
  • Lead Nurturing – The objective of lead nurturing, and in particular that of drip marketing, is to keep an interested lead engaged and “warm” until such time as that lead is ready to advance to the next buying phase.  Various researchers have determined that approximately 70% of all new leads are classified as “long term”, i.e. they are interested but not right now.  As a result, the average organization’s sales force is literally discarding those 70 percent because they don’t fulfill the time frame requirement for qualification.  Lead nurturing keeps that 70% engaged until they become ready to enter a sales process.

Capture Leads

Capturing the lead is the process that takes place when your prospect identifies himself as an interested lead by following through on one of your calls-to-action. Its important that this process goes smoothly for your prospect and provides all relevant information for your sales team’s follow-up.

  • Calls-to-Action – Calls-to-action are buttons or links that encourage your visitors to take action, such as “Download a white paper” or “Attend a webinar.” 
  • Landing Pages – When a website visitor clicks on a call-to-action on the website or in an email, they are then sent to a landing page. A landing page is where the offer in the call-to-action is fulfilled, and where the prospect submits information that your sales team can use to begin a conversation with them. When website visitors fill out forms on landing pages, they typically become leads. WinGreen optimizes registration forms to add tracking of the lead, pre-populate forms to significantly improve conversion, and deliver hidden data to the CRM and sales enablement system to present prospect intelligence to the sales professional tasked with follow-up.
  • Fulfillment – Real-time delivery of the requested content or action is essential to maintaining a solid digital relationship with your prospect. WinGreen’s marketing automation platform is set up to deliver all requests immediately, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Lead Scoring – WinGreen sets up the marketing automation component of the WinGreen System Architecture to automatically generate scores for new leads based on their current and previous actions. There are three types of scoring for each individual prospect; digital activity, demographic profile, and “BANT” (Budget-Authority-Need-Time). Digital activity is based on the prospect’s specific action (e.g. registration for an e-book) plus web pages visited. (Web pages may have weighted scores. For example, a visit to the “How to Buy” page is worth more than a visit to the “About Us” page. WinGreen’s lead scoring capabilities allow customized weighted scoring of web page visits and other digital actions.) Demographic profile scores are based on how closely an individual matches your target profile, in attributes such as industry, job title, etc. BANT scoring is based on the “Sales 101” rule for qualifying prospects. To be qualified, a prospect must have budget in place, authority to approve the spending, a demonstrated need for your product or service, and a timeframe for the purchase that is within a specified outer limit (e.g. “purchase date in six months or less”).

Sales Enablement

WinGreen built the WinGreen System Architecture from industry leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies from Salesforce.com and other marketing automation, data management, and other software vendors. To enable your sales team to respond to leads and to move them quickly through the buying process requires access to a full complement of functionality including salesforce automation, customer relationship management, opportunity tracking, sales funnel reports, web visitor tracking, and lead scoring.

  • CRM Integration – WinGreen is a Salesforce Partner and can either integrate with existing Salesforce implementations or provide new Salesforce CRM software, setup, customization, and support. In addition, WinGreen is a Microsoft partner and can integrate with existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms or deliver new CRM software.  Finally, the WinGreen System Architecture is capable of integrating with and connecting to any leading CRM system that you may have in place.
  • Data De-duplication– Data quality is essential to a well oiled marketing and sales machine. Real time data de-duplication is the first line of defense against poor data quality by eliminating the chance of multiple data records in the database for the same individuals. WinGreen utilizes leading de-duplication tools from Ringlead in the WinGreen System Architecture and is also an authorized provider of Ringlead data tools for clients who wish to license their own data management software.
  • Lead Distribution – Real-time lead distribution to designated salespeople or teams is critical to effective sales follow-up. WinGreen delivers new leads in real time to mobile devices, tablets, CRM queues and call-down lists, and email inboxes.
  • Opportunity Tracking – Managing the flow of opportunities through the buying cycles is essential to optimizing your sales team’s resources especially in environments where team selling is required.

Dashboard and Reports

WinGreen is an advocate and provider of measurable marketing. What gets measured gets done. WinGreen’s systems provide a breadth and depth of reporting and dashboards to sales, marketing, and management that ensure that marketing campaigns and sales follow-ups are thoroughly tracked. While our out-of-the-box reports are typically adequate for most of our clients, we can custom-tailor and create purpose-built and customized reports, dashboards, charts, and other tools.

  • Dashboards – Dashboards are a quick view of an entire business segment for marketing and sales with the data shown in a series of charts and graphs. Examples include leads per campaign, leads per month, conversions from lead to opportunity per month or product line, performance comparisons by individuals or team, etc.
  • Reports – Reports provide the details of the dashboards down to the individual transactions.
  • KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators help a business understand where they need to make adjustments in order to meet corporate objectives long before the corporate goals have past. Unlike financial reports that tell how a business did, key performance indicators can predict how a business is going to perform.