WinGreen’s Experts

WinGreen’s content marketing professionals average over 20 years of industry, marketing, and information technology experience. Our client services professionals have their fingers on the pulse of contemporary marketing, and our writers and designers have created assets in all media for hundreds of companies.

Content marketing requires a diversified sets of skills and expertise. The following are key questions that need to be answered before undertaking the rewarding but complex task.

  • Who understands CRM and target database management?
  • Who knows how to use marketing automation tools?
  • Who knows how to write and test marketing emails for spam filter avoidance?
  • Who generates compelling content?
  • Should the creative team have to adjust to becoming writers of white papers and blog posts?
  • Should marketing managers need to worry about Google’s new search algorithms?
  • And frankly, why should the marketing department need to become proficient in information technology?

The short answer is: They shouldn’t. WinGreen’s team has all of the expertise you need to run your modern marketing department, generate leads online, execute email campaigns that get to your targets’ inboxes, and capture and manage your sales leads.

Client Account Managers

WinGreen’s client account managers are the primary point of contact for WinGreen clients and are responsible for the successful delivery of all WinGreen marketing services. They have at least 10 years of marketing leadership experience with extensive knowledge in all aspects of online marketing. Their expertise includes:

  • Project management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Organization and methods
  • Lead generation
  • Campaign planning and design
  • Content development
  •, Hubspot and other key cloud based technologies

Client account managers will assemble and manage the appropriate WinGreen team resources that  may include directing the development of industry specific marketing assets such as white papers, blog articles, webinars, podcasts, and Google Adwords management and optimization. Additionally, they will direct the technical execution of campaigns using CRM and/or Hubspot and other marketing automation tools, web to lead forms, automated work flows, drip campaigns, lead scoring and lead nurturing.

Industry Experts and Content Developers

WinGreen’s industry experts have proven professional writing skills and extensive knowledge of specific industry segments such as:

  • High technology
  • Clean technology
  • Professional services
  • Private equity

Their skills include the ability to research and develop compelling marketing assets such as white papers, blog articles, webinars, podcast, and social media that will be published on behalf of WinGreen’s client’s and be used to develop leads in online marketing campaigns. They embrace that fact that it’s critical that the developed content is relevant, topical, timely, informative and written in a voice that easily demonstrates expertise in the specific target market.

Sales and Marketing Information Technology Experts

Individuals have extensive experience implementing CRM and marketing automation technologies to support clients’ specific needs. The technology group’s expertise includes the following:

  • Pardot
  • Marketo
  • Predictive Response
  • Ringlead
  • Marketing automation
  • Database Management
  • Cloud computing utilities and applications

Customer relationship management, marketing automation, large-scale database management, search engine optimization, optimized landing pages, web visitor tracking, data quality, lead scoring, and CRM integration, are all part of the expertise maintained by WinGreen’s technology experts.