Learn how WinGreen combines decades of experience in marketing strategy, industry experts, and world-class technologies into The WinGreen System of Marketing™ to deliver the most effective inbound and outbound content marketing services available today.

WinGreen System of Marketing™ (PROCESS)

WinGreen’s content marketing methods, The WinGreen System of Marketing™ is the culmination of decades of experience in leading marketing and sales teams and continual innovation and improvement in marketing techniques. It distills thousands of details and lessons learned into a “marketing machine” that delivers more sales leads, better sales leads, and lower cost sales leads. Unifying content, inbound marketing, email marketing, and sales-marketing integration into a cohesive whole, The WinGreen System of Marketing™ is the Smarter Way to Generate Sales Leads™. Click to Learn More 

WinStrategy™ (STRATEGY)

WinGreen’s WinStrategy™ is a process to create a content marketing strategy that aligns goals, objectives and priorities for each stakeholder across business functions that are critical for the successful development of marketing, sales and product development initiatives. WinGreen takes an engineering approach to developing a content marketing strategy by having clearly defined activities and deliverables for each phase of the project. From the board room to CMO’s to line of business management, the WinStrategy™ method develops the right plan for the job.  Click to Learn More 

WinGreen’s Experts (PEOPLE)

Who generates compelling content? Who understands CRM and target database management? Why should the creative team have to adjust to becoming writers of white papers and blog posts?  Why should marketing managers need to worry about Google’s new search algorithms? And frankly, why should the marketing department need to become proficient in information technology? The short answer is: They shouldn’t. WinGreen’s team has all of the expertise you need to run your modern marketing department, generate leads online, execute email campaigns that get to your targets’ inboxes, and capture and manage your sales leads.  Click to Learn More 

WinPlan 3-6-12™ (PLAN)

As the old saying goes, “If you don’t define specific dates, then your plan is just a wish list and it will never happen.”  WinPlan 3-6-12™ is WinGreen’s unique approach to campaign and activity planning for client service delivery. WinPlan 3-6-12 uses the concepts of cadence, repetition, themes, and synergy along with a rolling calendar showing three, six, and twelve month planning horizons. The result is a cohesive marketing plan that allows the marketing and sales teams to view activities at a glance and plan for success.  Click to Learn More 

WinGreen System Architecture™ (TECHNOLOGIES)

What’s a great system without great technologies? Simply put, WinGreen has chosen the best marketing automation and CRM software vendors in the world to integrate into the WinGreen Systems Architecture™. You benefit from the integration work we’ve done because you don’t have to go through the painstaking process of evaluating, purchasing, integrating, and administering sophisticated software. Click to Learn More