Marketing / Sales Integration

One of the biggest obstacles to revenue growth is the all too common organizational gap between marketing and sales. We’re sure you heard the following complaints:

  • “Sales doesn’t follow up on the leads.”
  • “Marketing doesn’t give us qualified prospects.”
  • “Salespeople never use the materials we create.”
  • “Marketing doesn’t understand what it’s like out here.”

WinGreen provides consulting to improve marketing and sales integration functions which is critical for successful organizations. Our two-day workshop brings sales and marketing stakeholders together to create consensus, understanding, and actionable plans for driving more effective lead generation and sales processes. By uniting both organizations around a single, end-to-end process that starts with defining “the perfect prospect” and ends with successful sales, WinGreen’s marketing and sales integration consulting engagements result in the following:

  • Reduce wasted marketing costs
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Ultimately improve revenue growth.

The WinGreen System of Marketing and its supporting online reporting and dashboards also improve cooperation and teamwork between sales and marketing through measurement and real-time reporting of metrics for every step of the lead generation to sale process. Our consultants are available to provide assistance for any step in the process.