Marketing Assessments

Great marketing plans begin with knowing where to start. And knowing where to start requires knowing where you are. WinGreen conducts two types of marketing assessments: our complimentary 100-Point Content Marketing Assessment and our paid Three-Day Marketing Assessment.

Complimentary 100-Point Content Marketing Assessment

Our complimentary 100-Point Content Marketing Assessment identifies top priorities for successful content marketing, lead generation, and lead nurturing. Give us just two hours or less of your time on the telephone and we’ll give you back a detailed report on how your marketing function and organization compares to the best marketing in companies similar to yours.

In two hours, we’ll ask a series of questions about your organization including the following:

  • Your organizational structure
  • Your marketing-sales integration
  • Your current marketing strategy
  • Your positioning
  • Your marketing communications
  • Your lead generation
  • Your public relations
  • Your major challenges

Within 72 hours, we’ll deliver to you a detailed report and presentation with our assessment including:

  • Benchmark your lead generation capabilities
  • Your strengths
  • Your weaknesses
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Detailed recommendations.

There’s no obligation. It’s a perfect way to use unbiased experts to show you where the priority items for improvement exist. Just complete the form to the right to get started.

Request Content Marketing Assessment


Three-Day Marketing Assessment

WinGreen will conduct onsite visits to your offices and facilitate a series of sessions with your marketing and sales organizations that will lead to an in-depth, detailed report on the current state of your marketing function and organization. The three-day engagement requires the participation of a number of people from your organization (typically the senior marketing executive, the senior sales executive, a small group of salespeople, and, depending on the size of your organization, as many of the marketing people as can be made available). The three-day engagement is typically set up as two consecutive days onsite, a period of off-site research and development of recommended actions, then a final day onsite to present findings and recommendations and facilitate discussion of next steps. The actual scope and time of the three-day engagement will vary according to the size and organization of your company’s marketing and sales groups.