Lead Generation and Nurturing

WinGreen Marketing Systems was launched to do one thing and one thing only: provide lead generation services to technology companies. We’ve conducted hundreds of campaigns, launched millions of targeted emails, delivered tens of thousands of high-quality leads, and helped dozens of companies improve their sales and marketing methods with marketing automation and CRM systems.

Our lead generation professionals know how to get emails into target inboxes. We know how to attract buyers to our clients’ websites. We know how to build and sustain sales pipelines. We know how to implement marketing automation, CRM, mass email, and database management and how to customize it for our clients’ use.  We know the details:

  • Google search algorithms
  • Email senderscore
  • Email reputation
  • Keyword maximization
  • Pay-per-click bid maximization
  • and more.

WinGreen can help you build a high-performance marketing machine. If you’re contemplating an in-house lead generation and inbound marketing capability, WinGreen can assist you with system evaluations, requests for proposals, new marketing methods, processes for effective follow-ups, and techniques for generating outstanding sales pipelines that turn into closed business.