Corporate Marketing Strategy

Marketing has changed so dramatically over the past 15 years that the great marketers of the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s would barely recognize the function today. Yet most firms have not reset their marketing strategies back to zero and created the new marketing strategies required by 21st century realities. Whether you’re a mature company seeking to modernize your marketing strategy or an early stage company seeking to create the strategy that launches your high-growth period, WinGreen, utilizing its WinStrategy™ method, has the experience, the expertise, and the track record to provide you with the optimal corporate marketing strategy for your unique situation.

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Senior Executive Marketing Strategy Consulting – WinGreen can provide a consulting team to report directly to your CEO and/or board of directors. WinGreen’s senior executive consultants all have 25 years of experience or more, and have all been VPs, CMOs, CEOs, or board members in their careers. They will command a team of marketing professionals assembled to meet the unique environment of the engagement. Team leaders and members are valued for their experience levels in strategy development, their executive presence and ability to effectively report to CEOs and boards, and their integrity, discretion, and confidentiality. The elite Senior Executive Marketing Strategy Consulting services are for organizations looking for board level solutions to their marketing challenges.

Corporate Marketing Strategy Consulting – For the CMO or vice president who knows where they want to take the organization, but values the unbiased viewpoints and vast experience sets that only outside consultants can bring, WinGreen’s Corporate Marketing Strategy Consulting services are the ideal solution to the marketing organization’s challenges. WinGreen’s corporate marketing strategy consultants all have 15 years of experience or more. Each corporate strategy consultant will lead a team of marketing pros with skills encompassing the full range of marketing functions. WinGreen’s Corporate Marketing Strategy Consultants typically report to the CMO, vice president of marketing, or vice president of sales.

Marketing Strategy Consulting – For the CMO, vice president, or marketing director who is undertaking corporate marketing strategy development in-house (or even with another consulting firm), WinGreen can provide marketing strategy consultants to be part of the strategy team and bring unbiased, fresh perspective and task completion to the effort. All of WinGreen’s marketing consultants have 10 years experience or more, and can reach back into WinGreen’s resources to draw upon specific experts or unique experience where necessary.

For any of your corporate marketing strategy challenges, WinGreen can put a highly trained, vastly experienced, completely discrete team to work immediately. Contact Us for a personal, confidential discussion of your needs.