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WinGreen’s RingLead services are designed to provide data quality by eliminating duplicate data in marketing automation implementations that use Salesforce.com. Ringlead offers a set of de-duplication tools for managing CRM and marketing automation data. In the eight years that RingLead’s suite of data quality and de-duplication apps have been offered to Salesforce users, they have de-duped and prevented the duplication of over one billion records. RingLead’s apps have been used by over 1000 companies to help marketing departments accurately report their performance, sales teams to sell efficiently and avoid embarrassing touch points.

Application Suite

  • Dupe Dive – Duplicate diagnostics on Salesforce.com database
  • Data Cleanse – Remove existing duplicate leads, contacts and accounts
  • Unique Entry – Duplicate prevention during manual entry
  • Unique Upload – Prevent the creation of duplicate records when importing lists data
  • Unique Web-to-Lead – Prevent duplicate records from web form submissions in real-time
  • Profile – Keep your Salesforce data fresh