Predictive Response

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WinGreen’s Predictive Response services are designed to seamlessly integrate marketing  into to improve overall sales performance for WinGreen clients. Predictive Response email marketing automation solutions seamlessly integrate with Their products allow you to develop, deploy, and manage adaptive, branching, newsletter and drip email campaigns to nurture your prospects to ensure you reach your email and marketing automation goals.

Adaptive Mailer from Predictive Response is a full-functioning marketing automation solution that fully leverages the power of email marketing automation and Salesforce CRM, and is designed for the sophisticated marketing professional. Native to, all key data resides within, providing detailed metrics necessary to create successful, cost-effective email marketing campaigns.


  • More effective campaigns
  • Automated lead nurturing
  • Easily execute multi-step, successful drip campaigns
  • Inbox preview allows you to see your email on 30+ different clients
  • Subscription management keeps your lists up-to-date


  • Includes a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard
  • Maximize open rates with subject line A/B split testing
  • Higher response rates through monitoring your conversion statistics
  • Gather insights and improve results with meaningful reports
  • Real-time lead scoring and analytics