WinMaaS™ -- Marketing-as-a-Service from WinGreen Marketing Systems -- Delivers Just-in-Time Marketing, Where and When You Need It

WinMaaS™ combines managed marketing automation with content marketing, account based marketing, lead generation, and marketing operations to create a revolutionary cloud based, as-a-service resource for beleaguered marketing leaders.
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WinMaaS™ – Marketing-as-a-Service

WinMaaS integrates outsourced management, administration and operation of marketing automation and salesforce automation platforms with the full complement of content marketing, design and creative, lead generation, and account based marketing (ABM) capabilities available from WinGreen. The result is a cloud-based, monthly subscription service that allows chief marketing officers to avoid wasting time, money, and human resources on non-strategic functions such as administration of marketing automation platforms or writing and publishing content marketing assets. Clients enjoy the benefits of accessing a fractional share of a completely staffed and mature marketing organization rather than hiring, training, and supervising in-house staff and systems.

With over 3,500 marketing and sales technology applications available in the market, the ability of marketing professionals to stay up-to-date with new and emerging platforms and tools has reached its breaking point. At the same time, contemporary marketing strategies such as content marketing and ABM create the need for volume and velocity of content that cannot be satisfied in-house by most marketing organizations. Organizations straining to manage headcount costs and technology acquisitions are now seeking to extend their digital transformation strategies from the now-common software-as-a-service (SaaS) to everything-as-a-service (XaaS), including the logical sourcing of marketing operations from MaaS providers.