Email Marketing Automation

WinGreen’s email marketing automation services utilize the commercial grade email, marketing, and database management software in the WinGreen System Architecture to deliver seamless email marketing automation capabilities.

Capable of supporting thousands of companies and distributing millions of emails per month, the WinGreen System Architecture allows us to execute your email marketing to as many addresses as you want, as often as you want, without taxing your IT infrastructure or requiring your systems administrators and IT managers to try to figure out how to make it all work. WinGreen’s mass email systems take away the need for you to learn about things like senderscore, email reputation, blacklists, ISP blocking, spam filters, and throttling.

On the response end, WinGreen’s client services and technology and operations teams create HTML and text emailers that reach the inbox. We build smart landing pages and registration forms on your website with the logic, workflow, and programming code embedded to integrate back into the marketing automation component of the WinGreen System Architecture and capture and distribute your inbound leads.

WinGreen email marketing and marketing automation systems on your site

For companies who prefer to build their own email marketing and marketing automation systems onsite, WinGreen provides the software and services needed to get up and running quickly and effectively. See our Marketing Automation page for more information on how WinGreen can help you build a marketing machine.