Email Campaign Execution

Successful email campaign execution requires much more than writing some email copy, getting free emailing software, and blasting away. There are hundreds of intricacies that go into reaching your targets’ inboxes and convincing them to click through to your call-to-action. Yet very few organizations have the know-how to navigate them. One study found that 91% of companies use email for marketing, yet only 28% of those consider their email efforts to be getting more effective. (Source: Demand Metric). WinGreen has been conducting effective email marketing campaigns for years. We know how to plan and execute, we know how to reach the inbox, and we know how to maximize conversion.

Email campaign execution in WinGreen campaigns

WinGreen’s turnkey email marketing services include everything required to deliver more leads, of higher quality, at lower cost per lead. WinGreen’s campaign execution includes conceiving of campaign themes and topics, scheduling campaigns, managing content creation and publishing, setting up campaigns in the WinGreen System Architecture, setting up outbound email in HTML and TXT, publishing landing pages with lead registration forms, testing the entire system, and launching campaigns.  With WinGreen’s turnkey email marketing service, you can rely on WinGreen to do literally everything for your email marketing campaigns. All you need to do is receive leads and follow up accordingly.

A la carte campaign execution

For clients who have implemented their own marketing automation and mass email systems, built their own target email databases, and publish their own content, WinGreen’s contracted campaign services take on all of the tasks of conceiving, planning, managing, and executing each campaign to the client’s specifications. WinGreen provides skilled and experienced email marketing professionals who can work on-site or remotely under the direction of the client. Perfect for shorter term engagements while recruiting staff, or for long-term engagements where full-time headcount isn’t appropriate, WinGreen’s campaign execution services make sure your email campaigns are delivered on-time, on-budget, and with maximum effectiveness every time.