Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective and immediate methods of reaching your target market to generate sales leads. With average return on investment of over 4300% (Source: Direct Marketing Association), email marketing outpaces all other lead generation methods in terms of reach, effectiveness and cost-per-lead.

Email marketing is appropriate for more than one of the phases of content marketing. Outbound email promoting content offers is perfect for generating awareness and generating leads from a target segment. Lead nurturing with email is appropriate for leads that have made contact and expressed interest but are not ready to purchase. And email to existing customers is an ideal way to ask for word-of-mouth referrals, social media shares, and product feedback. Finally, email to existing customers is also an effective vehicle for up selling and cross-selling.

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Email Marketing Services from WinGreen Marketing Systems

WinGreen offers a complete and comprehensive set of email marketing services that can be custom-tailored to your exact needs. WinGreen’s email marketing services may be purchased as either of the following. Click here to learn more about how to buy. Learn more >

Outsourced Email Marketing. WinGreen bundles all of the service components listed below into one service with a single monthly retainer fee. Simplify your marketing budget and avoid IT investment with this all-inclusive option.

A la Carte Email Marketing. Choose any of the services and/or products offered below.

WinGreen’s email marketing services include the following:

  • Content Creation – Outbound email marketing requires compelling, original content in multiple media in order to maintain a consistent cadence. WinGreen creates original, new content – white papers, articles, webcasts, podcasts, etc. – for all of your email campaigns. Learn more >.
  • Target Email Database – Effective email marketing campaigns require a database of the target individuals you need to reach. WinGreen creates custom email target databases for each client, based upon the client’s definitions of buyers and influencers. Starting with “the perfect prospect”, WinGreen creates demographic profiles that include geography, industry, company size, and role or title. The result is a database of anywhere from 1000 to 1,000,000 contacts, identified with name, title, company, phone, and email address, that are completely within your target segments. WinGreen also utilizes marketing automation tools to build opt-in and subscriber email databases through vehicles such as inbound marketing, newsletter subscriptions, and sponsored or pay-per-click advertising.
  • Marketing Automation – Of course, one cannot simply build a target database of tens of thousands of email addresses and blast emails from their individual work accounts. Email marketing requires specialized technology, including bulk emailing systems, database management and de-duplication, and lead capture and distribution software.
  • Campaign Execution – Whether you’re counting on WinGreen to run your entire email marketing program or just relying on us for campaign management while your team manages content creation, software, and list building, you can rest assured that WinGreen will run your email campaigns on time and on budget.

The Four Marketing Actions


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Email marketing allows the marketer to precisely define the target individuals to whom content, promotions, offers, or other communications will be delivered. When used for lead generation, this means that campaigns have quality control built in at the first step. When 100% of the people who receive a marketing email are known to be from within the defined target segment, the percentage of respondents – inbound leads – who match the target demographic will be very high. When used for lead nurturing, email marketing allows for very granular matching of message to recipient. And when used to communicate to an opt-in database, email marketing allows for repetition, consistency, and continual engagement of those individuals.

As in all content marketing methods, email marketing starts with compelling content and development of target buyer personas. Buyer personas are holistic ideals of what your customers are really like, inside and out. Personas encompass the goals, challenges, pain points, common objections to products and services, as well as personal and demographic information shared among all members of that particular customer type. Your personas are the people around whom your whole business is built.


Inbound Convert 161x167Once you’ve got visitors to your site, the next step is to convert those visitors into leads by gathering their contact information. Since WinGreen’s outbound email campaigns use target email databases in a closed-loop system we publish “smart” landing pages that recognize each individual and pre-populate registration forms for offers like white papers or webcasts.  Pre-populated registration forms improve conversion anywhere from 30% to 50% as respondents no longer feel that they need to protect their anonymity. For respondents who might receive the email offers as pass-alongs or who find the offer page through search rather than email, landing pages capture new contact information that may then be added to the target database.

Some of the most important tools in converting visitors to leads include:

  • Calls-to-Action – Calls-to-action are buttons or links that encourage your visitors to take action, like “Download a white paper” or “Attend a webinar.” If you don’t have enough calls-to-action or your calls-to-action aren’t enticing enough, you won’t generate any leads.
  • Landing Pages – When a website visitor clicks on a call-to-action, they should then be sent to a landing page. A landing page is where the offer in the call-to-action is fulfilled, and where the prospect submits information that your sales team can use to begin a conversation with them. When website visitors fill out forms on landing pages, they typically become leads.
  • Forms – In order for visitors to become leads, they must fill out a form and submit their information. Optimize your form to make this step of the conversion process as easy as possible.
  • Contacts – Keep track of the leads you’re converting in a centralized marketing database. Having all your data in one place helps you make sense out of every interaction you’ve had with your contacts — be it through email, a landing page, social media, or otherwise — and how to optimize your future interactions to more effectively attract, convert, close, and delight your buyer personae.


Inbound Close 160x163You’re on the right track. You’ve attracted the right visitors and converted the right leads, but now you need to transform those leads into customers. How can you most effectively accomplish this feat? Certain marketing tools can be used at this stage to make sure you’re closing the right leads at the right times.

Closing tools include:

  • Lead Scoring – You’ve got contacts in your system, but how do you know which ones are ready to speak to your sales team? Using a numerical representation of the sales-readiness of a lead takes the guesswork out of the process.
  • Email – What do you do if a visitor clicks on your call to action, fills out a landing page, or downloads your white paper, but still isn’t ready to become a customer? A series of emails focused on useful, relevant content can build trust with a prospect and help them become more ready to buy.
  • Marketing Automation – This process involves creating email marketing and lead nurturing tailored to the needs and lifecycle stage of each lead. For example, if a visitor downloaded a white paper on a certain topic from you in the past, you might want to send that lead a series of related emails. But if they follow you on Twitter and visited certain pages on your website, you might want to change the messaging to reflect those different interests.
  • Closed-loop Reporting – How do you know which marketing efforts are bringing in the best leads? Is your sales team effectively closing those best leads into customers? Integration with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows you to analyze just how well your marketing and sales teams are playing together.


Inbound Delight 161x163Inbound marketing is all about providing remarkable content to our users, whether they be visitors, leads, or existing customers. Just because someone has already written you a check doesn’t mean you can forget about them. Inbound marketers continue to engage with, delight, and (hopefully) upsell their current customer base into happy promoters of the companies and products they love.

Tools used to delight customers include:

  • Smart Calls-to-Action – These present different users with offers that change based on buyer persona and lifecycle stage.
  • Social Media – Using various social platforms gives you the opportunity to provide real-time customer service.
  • Email and Marketing Automation – Providing your existing customers with remarkable content can help them achieve their own goals, as well as introduce new products and features that might be of interest to them.

A Proven Methodology

WinGreen’s email marketing services cover each and every step taken, tool used, and lifecycle stage travelled through on the road from stranger to customer. It empowers marketers to reach tens of thousands of precisely defined target individuals, attract them to landing pages, convert leads, close customers, and delight promoters.  Whether you choose to have WinGreen run a completely turnkey email marketing operation for you – including content creation, target database creation and management, software tools, promotion, campaign management, lead capture and distribution – or to purchase the software tools and service components à la carte from us, WinGreen has the know-how, the commercial grade software platforms, and the expertise to make you the leading email marketing practitioner in your industry.