WinGreen Marketing Systems provides an artificial intelligence (AI) based lead follow-up tool for advancing leads and prospects to the next sales stage in the funnel. Available as an integral component of WinGreen’s marketing-as-a-service (WinMaaS) or as a standalone AI sales assistant for you to add on to your existing lead generation and sales functions, the AI sales assistant works 7×24 to follow up and nurture every single lead to engage, qualify for further sales follow-up, or disqualify based on AI-based email conversations.

WinGreen has partnered with the leading provider of artificial intelligence for sales and marketing, Conversica, and integrated its AI sales assistant into our marketing-as-a-service and our comprehensive marketing technology stack.


Conversica leverages artificial intelligence to automate the lead contact and qualification process

Conversica engages, manages and tracks Internet leads all day every day. The virtual sales assistant gets through to leads where other methods fail, determines which leads are the best sales opportunities, and alerts a sales rep immediately. The dashboard identifies leads-at-risk, analyzes the best lead sources, and provides insight for better lead management.

Lead management software that saves hundreds of sales hours

Prioritize thousands of leads

Sales reps save hundreds of hours a year by focusing on leads who will welcome their sales calls

Shorten the sales cycle

AI technology manages the early, time-consuming stages of the lead lifecycle: contacting, nurturing and qualifying leads

Real-time alerts

Our virtual sales assistant engages in live conversations to discover your most qualified leads and alerts a sales rep

Increase sales revenue

With this lead management software your sales team can close more sales in less time with a virtual sales assistant to qualify leads

Intelligent lead hand-off

When the lead is ready for a sales call, the AI shares the conversation, best number and time to call

Compare lead sources

See which lead sources are performing for sales – and which to drop


Working with marketing automation software and CRM tools, your virtual sales assistant nurtures leads with natural, two-way conversations. Most leads perceive the emails as coming from a real person and reply. The AI engine interprets the response and continues the dialogue to nurture the lead and alerts a sales rep when the lead is ready.

Lead nurturing that identifies interest and buying intent, automatically

Your virtual sales assistant

Lead nurturing takes time, effort and close monitoring. The virtual sales assistant does it all automatically 24/7

Into the inbox

Friendly, colloquial AI emails appear to come from a real person and get results

50 percent response rate

Leads are much more likely to engage with the nurturing virtual sales assistant than with autoresponders

Continue the conversation

AI technology can interpret leads’ email responses and take action, such as sending unique and natural follow-up emails

Real-time alerts

Our virtual sales assistant software nurtures until a lead turns into a sales opportunity and then it alerts a sales rep immediately

Increase sales revenue

Your sales team can close more sales in less time with virtual sales assistant software to develop relationships and nurture leads


Your automated sales assistant is a friendly customer service rep who identifies opportunities for sales and ensures your company responds to every Internet lead. Because AI messages appear to come from a real person, the engagement rate is very high – 35 percent on average. Your AI virtual assistant can get the best phone number, the best time to call, purchase criteria and sales feedback.

Your automated sales assistant is friendly and persistent

Engages the customer

On average, 35% of all leads reply to the friendly, human-like automated sales assistant

Keeps leads engaged

Your automated sales assistant emails interact with the lead and alerts you when they show intent to buy

Graceful handoff

Your automated sales assistant schedules an appointment, so when your sales rep calls, the lead is expecting the call

Relentless follow-up

Pleasantly persistent, your automated sales assistant ensures your sales team receives qualified leads that are ready to purchase

Re-engage old leads

Find sales opportunities among stale leads. Nearly 60 percent of leads are still in market

Cross sell

Sell other products and gather feedback on satisfaction from customers