Outsourced content marketing is paying off handsomely for those firms who have embraced the concept, planned their outsourcing transitions, and worked closely with their providers. A reasonable expectation for a mid-sized technology firm transitioning from conventional in-house lead generation to outsourced content marketing would be 3X more leads at 50% lower cost-per-lead.

Outsourcing your content marketing function delivers many advantages and benefits. Here’s a quick table showing the positive impact of outsourced content marketing.

Features Benefits
Comprehensive, outsourced content marketing
  • Significant cost savings (25% to 50% lower cost than in-house content marketing; 50% to 80% less cost than in-house conventional lead generation)
  • See immediate results.  No ramp-up
  • Avoid hiring and training
  • Avoid software and hardware investment, configuration, administration
  • Fixed monthly retainer. No variable costs.
  • Flexibility. Scale up or down as needed.
Content marketing agency creates all content
  • No more slipped schedules
  • No more fire drills
  • No more mad scrambles for content
Content marketing agency uses its own software platform
  • No IT or software investment required
  • Pre-configured, ready to go
  • Massively scalable, infinitely flexible
Automated lead capture and real-time distribution to designated salespeople
  • No more spreadsheets
  • Conversion rates are improved through immediate call-back
  • Save time and labor in uploading and downloading contact information
Sales enablement tools
  • CRM provides “single view of the truth” for leads, prospects, contacts, and customers
  • SFA provides automation to manage sales workflow
Automated lead nurturing
  • Keep prospects alive and “warm” until they’re ready to purchase
Management views, dashboards, reporting
  • Accurate forecasts
  • Insight to sales activities and drivers
  • Measureable marketing


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