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Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation – #3 of 7

3. Content Marketing Delivers a Broad Reach
The economics of online content marketing allow the marketer to broaden the reach of the company’s campaigns to include many more targeted contacts.  Using the previous post’s economic analysis, one could spend the same $337,500 that reaches 50,000 targets with direct mail to broaden the reach to 350,000 targets with content marketing.  The economic advantages of content marketing have given the marketer (and the CFO) significantly more flexibility in the marketing budget.

By definition, lead generation campaigns deliver better results when they reach more potential prospects and influencers.  Reaching 100,000 people that meet your target profile will obviously deliver more leads than reaching 5000 people (with all else equal).

Content marketing allows you to deliver a personalized email, offering interesting, useful, […]

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

Outsourced content marketing is paying off handsomely for those firms who have embraced the concept, planned their outsourcing transitions, and worked closely with their providers. A reasonable expectation for a mid-sized technology firm transitioning from conventional in-house lead generation to outsourced content marketing would be 3X more leads at 50% lower cost-per-lead.

Outsourcing your content marketing function delivers many advantages and benefits. Here’s a quick table showing the positive impact of outsourced content marketing.


Comprehensive, outsourced content marketing

Significant cost savings (25% to 50% lower cost than in-house content marketing; 50% to 80% less cost than in-house conventional lead generation)
See immediate results.  No ramp-up
Avoid hiring and training
Avoid software and hardware investment, configuration, administration
Fixed monthly retainer. No variable costs.
Flexibility. Scale up or down as needed.

Content marketing agency creates all […]

Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation – #2 of 7

Here’s the second article on the seven ways content marketing improves lead generation results. Don’t forget: You can get the e-book with all seven ways (plus more) by visiting
2. Content Marketing Delivers Results with Significantly Better Economics
The World Wide Web and email present a new model of outreach with economics that are orders of magnitude more compelling than traditional direct-marketing or telemarketing. The marketer of 1995 might conduct a direct mail campaign to a list of 50,000 people at a cost of $0.75 per name and address, $2.50 per color printed promo letter, $2.00 per insert, $1.00 for postage, and $0.50 per mailing house drop — $337,500 for the campaign (without the telephone follow-up, if outsourced) – and get a 1% response rate (500 […]