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Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation — #5 of 7

Here is the fifth of the seven ways content marketing improves lead generation.
5. Content Marketing Provides the Ability to Nurture Prospects that Are Not Ready to Buy
Research has shown that 70% of the new leads generated by today’s marketing campaigns are “interested”, but are just not ready to make a purchase now. In the past, before marketing automation was available, sales professionals were trained to simply discard the leads that weren’t ready to buy in a timely fashion, regardless of their level of interest. Now, with content marketing supporting lead generation, lead nurturing, and brand promotion, new leads who are interested but not ready to purchase can be put into a lead nurturing process to be continuously engaged until such time as they can move forward toward a purchase.

Many sales organizations were […]

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

Outsourced content marketing is paying off handsomely for those firms who have embraced the concept, planned their outsourcing transitions, and worked closely with their providers. A reasonable expectation for a mid-sized technology firm transitioning from conventional in-house lead generation to outsourced content marketing would be 3X more leads at 50% lower cost-per-lead.

Outsourcing your content marketing function delivers many advantages and benefits. Here’s a quick table showing the positive impact of outsourced content marketing.


Comprehensive, outsourced content marketing

Significant cost savings (25% to 50% lower cost than in-house content marketing; 50% to 80% less cost than in-house conventional lead generation)
See immediate results.  No ramp-up
Avoid hiring and training
Avoid software and hardware investment, configuration, administration
Fixed monthly retainer. No variable costs.
Flexibility. Scale up or down as needed.

Content marketing agency creates all […]

Tip #5 for Lead Nurturing: Consistent repetition, consistent repetition, consistent repetition

There are two key concepts within this section. The first is repetition. The second is consistency. Since they go hand in hand, we’ve made them a single “key rule”.

Like almost everything in marketing, lead nurturing relies on repetition for its multiplying effect on success. Once a new lead is acquired and it is determined that he or she is interested but just not now, lead nurturing should begin immediately. As weekly or bi-weekly drip emails begin to be sent, the prospect may or may not be reading them or taking advantage of the useful information they contain. But over time, as the “conversation” grows, and as the prospect comes to expect the weekly email, and as trust builds that these emails are useful rather than […]

Tip #4 for Lead Nurturing: Use lead scoring to target highest potential leads

The more sophisticated lead generation systems have lead scoring in place for the initial capture of interested leads. For example, a lead who has already downloaded two white papers and attended one webcast has a higher value than a lead who only requested one paper. Scoring can be applied to the quality of the lead in terms of how well it matches “the perfect lead”. For example, more lead score points can be attached when the lead is from the exact target industry, or a desirable ZIP code, or a decision-maker title.

With lead scores available, the lead nurturing program should leverage this data to deliver different drip emails to higher-scoring leads than to lower scoring leads.

Also, during the weeks or months that a prospect is […]

Tip #3 for Using Lead Nurturing to Improve Sales Pipelines: Use web analytics and tracking to adjust and mold your messages to your targets

Modern online marketing tools allow marketers to see who visits their websites, which pages are visited, and how different activities affect web traffic and results. Tracking and measuring effectiveness of lead nurturing is just as important – or perhaps more so – as tracking keyword, search engine, and web page effectiveness.

We’ll assume you’re using a comprehensive online marketing system, made up of emailing, blogging, inbound marketing, web visitor tracking, CRM, and database integrity software tools. A well-conceived, well-executed online lead generation system allows you to send trackable emails to your prospects. Once they have responded to your initial lead generation campaign and self-identified themselves on your landing page, you’ll be able to track not only their “footprints” through your web pages, but also the effectiveness […]

Tip #2 for Using Lead Nurturing to Increase Sales: Use Nurturing Only in the Right Phase of the Sales Cycle

As we all know, prospects advance through a “sales funnel” of various stages or phases of buying behavior, from initial contact through to (hopefully) closed sales.

Marketing or sales funnel classifications may vary by company. A good example of the levels or phases in a sales funnel might be:

All possible contacts
All target contacts
Interested leads
Marketing qualified prospects
Qualified prospects
Closed sales

All sales processes and pipeline definitions account for the fact that buyers exhibit different behaviors and look for different things at each stage of their progression through the process. It’s critical to match your drip marketing content to both your and your prospects’ objectives for each phase.

The time to use drip marketing for nurturing your leads is after they have expressed some level of interest, but before they’re ready […]

Tip #1 for Doing Lead Nurturing Well: Use Conversational Tone

We recently published a short post entitled “Five Tips for Doing Lead Nurturing Consistently Well” in which we summarized five key things to do in your lead nurturing programs in order to maximize results. Those five tips were:

Use conversational tone (not marketing or sales tone)
Use lead nurturing only in the right phase of the sales cycle
Use web analytics and tracking to adjust and mold your messages to your targets
Use lead scoring to target highest potential leads
Consistent repetition, consistent repetition, consistent repetition.

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“Top Ten Tip for Online Lead Generation”

Today, we’ll go into the details behind the first tip.
There are actually a few aspects to this top tip. At its most basic, our advice is to use drip […]

Five Tips for Doing Lead Nurturing Exceptionally Well

The past few years have dramatically altered the way we think about and how we conduct business-to-business marketing and lead generation. The ubiquity of Internet connectivity, broadband, and business email has led to a complete upending of the seller-buyer relationship. Direct mail (“snail mail”) is out; email is in. Reaching millions of people through mass advertising is out; reaching the same millions (but only when they want) through inbound marketing is in. “Interrupt marketing” is out; “opt-in marketing” is very in. Feast-or-famine results are out; consistent, smooth-line results are in.

With the advent of new technologies came the advent of new methods and strategies for finding and developing new sales leads. The explosion of Google as the preferred search engine led to (or at least dramatically […]