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50 Steps to an Outstanding Webinar — Part III

Effective Follow Up
Production Team
It’s important to conduct thorough follow-up activities soon after the completion of the broadcast. Regardless of what type of webcast you’ve completed, you’ll want to review what went well, what went wrong, and what you can do to improve. Immediately after the conclusion of the broadcast, set up a new conference bridge and get your webinar team together. Do not just tell everyone to “stay on the line”. The team will be discussing internal matters related to the logistics, planning, and delivery of the webinar. You will not want outside parties listening to potential “dirty laundry”.
What went well?
Do a five to ten minute brainstorm on the question “What went well?” Capture all participants’ opinions on a whiteboard or flip chart or Evernote […]

50 Steps to an Outstanding Webinar – Part II

50 Things to Do to Produce a Great Webinar
Planning and producing a great webinar requires effective project management and time management. Once you’ve committed to broadcasting to a live audience on a particular date and time, you can’t let any of your milestones slip, or you’ll find yourself unprepared when the time comes to click the “Start” button.

Here are the things you need to do, in the order you need to do them.
One month ahead of broadcast
1. Choose a date and time. In general, B2B webinars should be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. If you’re expecting a coast-to-coast audience, schedule for sometime between 12:00 Noon and 4:00 PM Eastern Time, which will allow your west coast attendees to view between 9:00 AM and 1:00 […] De-Duplication Apps Overview from Ringlead

WinGreen’s valued partner Ringlead — the leading de-duplication, data cleansing, and data management provider for the platform — recently presented their updated Applications Overview at Dreamforce.  Here it is for our readers who are seeking ways to tame the data within their Salesforce environments.


We’ve been a RingLead user and partner for over four years and wholeheartedly endorse and resell their products. If you’re using Salesforce, you need Ringlead. And if you’re looking for help maximizing your investment in the Salesforce Platform with Ringlead, call us at (650) LEAD GEN or contact us at . We can set up and run an entire “marketing machine”, including Salesforce, Ringlead, an outbound email platform, a target email database, and all the content you need. Contact us. We’re “A […]

Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation – # 6 of 7

In this post, we’re presenting the penultimate way that content marketing improves lead generation results. The e-book has all seven, if you’d like to skip ahead.  In the meantime, here’s #6, “Performance Measurement and Tracking”.
6. Improved Performance Tracking and Measurement for Lead Generation
Technology hasn’t just made creation and execution of lead generation campaigns easier, more broad-reaching, and more cost-effective. It has also provided measurement and reporting capabilities that allow marketers, sales professionals, and their management to instantly see the results of their lead generation activities.

Content marketing and its associated emailing, marketing automation, and CRM systems provide deeper and richer tracking capabilities than the marketers of the 20th century could have even imagined. Whereas the marketer of 1995 only knew how many direct mail pieces […]

Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation — #5 of 7

Here is the fifth of the seven ways content marketing improves lead generation.
5. Content Marketing Provides the Ability to Nurture Prospects that Are Not Ready to Buy
Research has shown that 70% of the new leads generated by today’s marketing campaigns are “interested”, but are just not ready to make a purchase now. In the past, before marketing automation was available, sales professionals were trained to simply discard the leads that weren’t ready to buy in a timely fashion, regardless of their level of interest. Now, with content marketing supporting lead generation, lead nurturing, and brand promotion, new leads who are interested but not ready to purchase can be put into a lead nurturing process to be continuously engaged until such time as they can move forward toward a purchase.

Many sales organizations were […]

Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation – #4 of 7

Here’s the 4th installment of the Seven Ways Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation. One important attribute of content marketing is that quality control over the types of leads you’ll generate is automatically built in.
4. Built-In Quality Control
The first step in creating a content marketing campaign or series is to define precisely who your targets are.  At WinGreen, we use the term “the perfect prospect” to vividly describe this tactic.

Ideally, the marketing folks will work closely with the sales folks to agree on exactly what the “perfect prospect” looks like.  The target list should define the target population to be emailed in terms of:

Geography.  Where are your targets located?  Don’t promote content to St. Louis if you have no salespeople there.
Industry. Select which industries for which […]

Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation – #3 of 7

3. Content Marketing Delivers a Broad Reach
The economics of online content marketing allow the marketer to broaden the reach of the company’s campaigns to include many more targeted contacts.  Using the previous post’s economic analysis, one could spend the same $337,500 that reaches 50,000 targets with direct mail to broaden the reach to 350,000 targets with content marketing.  The economic advantages of content marketing have given the marketer (and the CFO) significantly more flexibility in the marketing budget.

By definition, lead generation campaigns deliver better results when they reach more potential prospects and influencers.  Reaching 100,000 people that meet your target profile will obviously deliver more leads than reaching 5000 people (with all else equal).

Content marketing allows you to deliver a personalized email, offering interesting, useful, […]

Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation – #2 of 7

Here’s the second article on the seven ways content marketing improves lead generation results. Don’t forget: You can get the e-book with all seven ways (plus more) by visiting
2. Content Marketing Delivers Results with Significantly Better Economics
The World Wide Web and email present a new model of outreach with economics that are orders of magnitude more compelling than traditional direct-marketing or telemarketing. The marketer of 1995 might conduct a direct mail campaign to a list of 50,000 people at a cost of $0.75 per name and address, $2.50 per color printed promo letter, $2.00 per insert, $1.00 for postage, and $0.50 per mailing house drop — $337,500 for the campaign (without the telephone follow-up, if outsourced) – and get a 1% response rate (500 […]

Tip #5 for Lead Nurturing: Consistent repetition, consistent repetition, consistent repetition

There are two key concepts within this section. The first is repetition. The second is consistency. Since they go hand in hand, we’ve made them a single “key rule”.

Like almost everything in marketing, lead nurturing relies on repetition for its multiplying effect on success. Once a new lead is acquired and it is determined that he or she is interested but just not now, lead nurturing should begin immediately. As weekly or bi-weekly drip emails begin to be sent, the prospect may or may not be reading them or taking advantage of the useful information they contain. But over time, as the “conversation” grows, and as the prospect comes to expect the weekly email, and as trust builds that these emails are useful rather than […]

Tip #4 for Lead Nurturing: Use lead scoring to target highest potential leads

The more sophisticated lead generation systems have lead scoring in place for the initial capture of interested leads. For example, a lead who has already downloaded two white papers and attended one webcast has a higher value than a lead who only requested one paper. Scoring can be applied to the quality of the lead in terms of how well it matches “the perfect lead”. For example, more lead score points can be attached when the lead is from the exact target industry, or a desirable ZIP code, or a decision-maker title.

With lead scores available, the lead nurturing program should leverage this data to deliver different drip emails to higher-scoring leads than to lower scoring leads.

Also, during the weeks or months that a prospect is […]