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Why Outsourced Content Marketing Makes Sense

Content marketing has become an indispensable tactic in the arsenal of today’s marketers. Online content marketing reaches more potential buyers, more quickly, and at lower cost than conventional direct mail or other traditional marketing techniques, and addresses the change in the buyer-seller relationship that has created the need for marketers to entice target buyers to “opt in” or “self identify” themselves to the process of being sold products or services.

However, because online content marketing is in its infancy, many challenges face the marketing and sales professionals who want the benefits of this marketing method. Software and technology platforms for managing campaigns, mass emailing in bulk, and automating lead and contact data capture are expensive and difficult to integrate with each other. Content marketing, by its […]

Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation – #4 of 7

Here’s the 4th installment of the Seven Ways Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation. One important attribute of content marketing is that quality control over the types of leads you’ll generate is automatically built in.
4. Built-In Quality Control
The first step in creating a content marketing campaign or series is to define precisely who your targets are.  At WinGreen, we use the term “the perfect prospect” to vividly describe this tactic.

Ideally, the marketing folks will work closely with the sales folks to agree on exactly what the “perfect prospect” looks like.  The target list should define the target population to be emailed in terms of:

Geography.  Where are your targets located?  Don’t promote content to St. Louis if you have no salespeople there.
Industry. Select which industries for which […]

Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation – #3 of 7

3. Content Marketing Delivers a Broad Reach
The economics of online content marketing allow the marketer to broaden the reach of the company’s campaigns to include many more targeted contacts.  Using the previous post’s economic analysis, one could spend the same $337,500 that reaches 50,000 targets with direct mail to broaden the reach to 350,000 targets with content marketing.  The economic advantages of content marketing have given the marketer (and the CFO) significantly more flexibility in the marketing budget.

By definition, lead generation campaigns deliver better results when they reach more potential prospects and influencers.  Reaching 100,000 people that meet your target profile will obviously deliver more leads than reaching 5000 people (with all else equal).

Content marketing allows you to deliver a personalized email, offering interesting, useful, […]

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

Outsourced content marketing is paying off handsomely for those firms who have embraced the concept, planned their outsourcing transitions, and worked closely with their providers. A reasonable expectation for a mid-sized technology firm transitioning from conventional in-house lead generation to outsourced content marketing would be 3X more leads at 50% lower cost-per-lead.

Outsourcing your content marketing function delivers many advantages and benefits. Here’s a quick table showing the positive impact of outsourced content marketing.


Comprehensive, outsourced content marketing

Significant cost savings (25% to 50% lower cost than in-house content marketing; 50% to 80% less cost than in-house conventional lead generation)
See immediate results.  No ramp-up
Avoid hiring and training
Avoid software and hardware investment, configuration, administration
Fixed monthly retainer. No variable costs.
Flexibility. Scale up or down as needed.

Content marketing agency creates all […]

Content Marketing Improves Lead Generation – #2 of 7

Here’s the second article on the seven ways content marketing improves lead generation results. Don’t forget: You can get the e-book with all seven ways (plus more) by visiting
2. Content Marketing Delivers Results with Significantly Better Economics
The World Wide Web and email present a new model of outreach with economics that are orders of magnitude more compelling than traditional direct-marketing or telemarketing. The marketer of 1995 might conduct a direct mail campaign to a list of 50,000 people at a cost of $0.75 per name and address, $2.50 per color printed promo letter, $2.00 per insert, $1.00 for postage, and $0.50 per mailing house drop — $337,500 for the campaign (without the telephone follow-up, if outsourced) – and get a 1% response rate (500 […]

WinGreen Marketing Systems Launches New Website

WinGreen Marketing Systems launches new website. By visiting our new website you can learn how WinGreen can help your lead generation efforts with content marketing and marketing automation.  Please visit our Resources page at for some exciting new white papers.

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Five Tips for Doing Lead Nurturing Exceptionally Well

The past few years have dramatically altered the way we think about and how we conduct business-to-business marketing and lead generation. The ubiquity of Internet connectivity, broadband, and business email has led to a complete upending of the seller-buyer relationship. Direct mail (“snail mail”) is out; email is in. Reaching millions of people through mass advertising is out; reaching the same millions (but only when they want) through inbound marketing is in. “Interrupt marketing” is out; “opt-in marketing” is very in. Feast-or-famine results are out; consistent, smooth-line results are in.

With the advent of new technologies came the advent of new methods and strategies for finding and developing new sales leads. The explosion of Google as the preferred search engine led to (or at least dramatically […]