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WinGreen Marketing Systems is a technology and business partner of the world’s leading cloud based marketing automation technology companies. We’ve conducted the rigorous evaluations, selected, and integrated the leading providers so that you don’t have to. You can plug into the WinGreen System Architecture to run pre-integrated software, purchase your own subscription to our partners’ products from WinGreen, or have WinGreen run a secure, private instance of any or all of these tools for you.

Featured Marketing Automation Technology Partners, Affiliates, and Members

Salesforce Logo is the world’s #1 enterprise cloud computing company. The company is best known for its on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.  is the ideal sales tool, optimizing the full spectrum of sales activities: lead management and distribution, deal progress, territory alignment, and channel management.
Microsoft Partner Network logo 151x79 The customer relationship management (CRM) tools in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can take the work out of your job by helping you easily plan, create, manage, and execute campaigns, guarantee your digital assets are correct and kept up to date, and ensure you have the right people on the right tasks. At the same time, you can help improve your team’s efficiency through powerful workflow and collaboration tools.
Predictive Logo 130x88 Predictive Response email marketing automation solutions seamlessly integrate with Their products allow you to develop, deploy, and manage adaptive, branching, newsletter and drip email campaigns to nurture your prospects to ensure you reach your email and marketing automation goals.
RingLead logo 151x44 In the eight years that RingLead’s suite of data quality and deduplication apps have been offered to Salesforce users, they have deduped and prevented the duplication of over one billion records. RingLead’s apps have been used by over 1000 companies to help marketing departments accurately report their performance, sales teams to sell efficiently and avoid embarrassing touchpoints.
Google Engage 150x83 WinGreen is a member of the Google Engage for Agencies program.  The program provides marketing agencies a set of Google’s tools for managing Google Adwords effectively for their clients.