WinGreen History

They know what they're doing with B2B content and a wide array of media. So, we get assets that are user-friendly, easily digested, on message and full of utility -- Siemens Enterprise Communications

WinGreen was founded in 2009 with the idea that marketing organizations should be able to hire a lead generation agency in the same manner that they have hired public relations agencies and advertising agencies for decades. The new breed of lead generation agency, like its ad agency predecessors, would have everything needed to conceive, create, execute and manage online lead generation and sales enablement, so that its clients can focus on strategy, communications, and brand development.

The genesis of the concept came from co-founder Don Montgomery’s experiences as VP of marketing for a number of venture-funded startups, for which he led the creation of integrated sales and marketing automation and lead generation. The work of configuring and customizing multiple software platforms, building email lists, and creating a steady inventory of content was difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. After the first time — a six-month project — Don’s thought was “Why isn’t there a company to outsource all of this to?” After the fourth time — now refined by experience to a three-week project — Don’s thought was “Why do I keep doing this for one company at a time? I should create the company to outsource this to!”

Meanwhile, Tom Walklett, a veteran of more than twenty years as founder and CEO of an award-winning IT services company that specialized in business intelligence systems for enterprise clients, was contemplating his next venture. Tom wanted to create a service that incorporated, took advantage of cloud based technologies, provided significant immediate value to clients and could be offered on a fixed price basis.

Having known each other professionally for more than five years, Tom and Don caught up over lunch in early 2009. Discussing their recent experiences and future objectives yielded a common desire to create a company to deliver integrated marketing services based on cloud marketing automation software. Don’s experience in multiple startups and his expertise in content marketing and marketing automation and Tom’s entrepreneurial experience and expertise in data management and business intelligence could be a winning combination. WinGreen Marketing Systems was born.

  • May 2009 – WinGreen Marketing Systems is created. The company begins work for its first beta client.
  • September 2009 – WinGreen officially launches the company with a press event on 09/09/09 at 9:09 AM in Boston.
  • Early 2010 – WinGreen finalizes configuration and testing of its cloud software infrastructure, the WinGreen Systems Architecture™.
  • 2010 – WinGreen signs on its first two large clients and the WinGreen Systems Architecture comes to life.
  • 2011 & 2012 – The company adds more high-end clients and develops strong practice areas in software, high technology, telecommunications, and energy.
  • 2013 – WinGreen expands its available services to incorporate the most modern, up-to-date tools and methods available anywhere. Technology partners include Microsoft,, and Ringlead. WinGreen becomes a member of the Google Engage for Agencies program.