50 Steps to Delivering Great Webcasts

50 Steps to Delivering Great WebcastsIf you’re trying to improve the process and the performance of your webcasts, here’s a comprehensive primer entitled 50 Steps to Delivering Great Webcasts.

Webcasts and webinars are an exceptionally valuable part of the content mix for B2B lead generation in technology and industrial companies. Webinars can be created to attract specific buyer personas at specific buying phases. They provide a wealth of metrics to help assess the interest level of sales prospects and to provide the marketer with key performance indicators for continuous improvement.

But the value of using webinars to generate sales leads comes with a significant cost. Webinars are difficult to produce. They are time-consuming and require pinpoint project planning. So we’ve distilled our decades of experience producing hundreds of B2B webinars for dozens of companies into this e-book to help you.

Readers of 50 Steps to Delivering Great Webcasts will learn:

  • The typical challenges to producing webcasts
  • The timetable and sequence of events for executing 50 steps to a great webinar
  • The importance of follow-up (and a bonus chapter on follow-up best practices)

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